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June 08 2013


Biocompatible Dentistry

Viewing human beings as total entity body, mind, emotions, and soul “holism” was possible only through the technological and synthetic advancements that took place in the second part of the 20th Century. In modern times, dentists from all over the world offer holistic dental care to their patients with the help of a practice called homeopathy.

Analyzing the general health of a patient is important even when a dentist wants to treat a particular disease in the patient`s mouth. Dentists can offer proper therapeutic services for their patients only when they understand the fact that the mental aspects of the patient influence their oral health.

To put it simply, we can describe homeopathy as being a system of healing that uses natural remedies, created from plants, minerals, or animal products, to treat various diseases according to some particular principles of healing. To obtain the capability to trigger the healing process, the remedies are prepared through a process of repeated dilution and shaking. The main goal of these remedies will be to improve the person`s healing capabilities, instead of removing the systems of the disease.

The symptoms of a particular disease, or the sum of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms displayed by a patient helps the homeopathy practitioner to identify the essence of the disease. This particular healing technique deals with the patient as a whole, instead of focusing only on the affected area. This helps the health specialist to treat the cause of the illness, instead of the effect.

Let`s imagine that two patients visit the same dentist and present the same symptoms regarding a toothache. Even though the patients may have different personalities and view this situation totally different, it is really important for the dentist to apply the traditional homeopathy and pathological homeopathy in order to treat the cause of the problem.

A combination of pathological and constitutional homeopathic prescribing is included in homeopathy in holistic dentistry. While pathological prescribing is a treatment created especially for the disease or ailment, analyzing an individual`s behavioral tendencies, body type, temperament, and general disposition is necessary for constitutional homeopathic prescribing. Therefore, health specialists can offer treatments for both the general temperament and psychological state of a patient, and for the specific problem that the patient is experiencing.

Nearly half of dentists in America do not use mercury in their treatments. Dental amalgam presents numerous risks for the health of an individual, and only a small percentage of dentists recognize these risks.

You need to know that the process of removing or replacing amalgam fillings from your teeth can present various toxicity risks for the patient in case, and both dentists and patients should understand these risks perfectly for the process to be completed without any problems.

Some useful information regarding the health risks presented by dental amalgam were presented by Dr. Bill Glaros in an interview offered to the FDA. The ex-president of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry offers some useful tips that can help individuals find a qualified biological dentist who can remove amalgam fillings without any complications.


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